Design and Sell with you. We will help you to develop your collection or design and sell.

Upload your collection with spec sheet, we will decide whether it’s got potential or not. Once we determine the potential of the product then we will provide you the quotation and develop a sample for you. We can sell for you through our exclusive channels and share your label name to increase your label recognition in the market. This will be displayed like FUA Atelier by [your logo name].

Create your collection with at least 5 designs and upload on FUA Atelier account with spec sheet. We will select the design and help you with technical specs and design part and also developing a sample for you before that we will provide you quotation.

Selling price can be set by Designer, if not sure then we will help you to determine the price as it will keep the product competitive in the market. We will look into many factors before determining the price: (These factors will be shared at this stage)

We will provide you the sample of spec sheet for your designs which can be downloaded from our website or this link. This will be a Joint Venture partnership programme between FUA Atelier and Designer (Designer[s] are self-employed and they work as partners with FUA).

Terms and Conditions of Joint Venture Partnership Programme should be agreed before the product is published for sale.

We encourage designers to be creative and resourceful and try to come up use their own idea to design a product. We are very strict on plagiarism of other branded products. Your designs shouldn’t be copied from anywhere, or stolen. If we found that or somebody claim that it’s been copied. We will assess the claim independently and also suspend the product from our store at the same time. We will take appropriate actions on the outcome of investigation.

If a product found to be copied, then we will terminate your account (membership) and withdraw all the product[s] from sale. We have full right to do so.  If in any case designs will be claimed by someone else. It will be your responsibility; FUA  have nothing to do with it.

Designers are not allowed to sell those garments on another portal without our knowledge or written permission. If Designer sold or intended to sell those designs without our knowledge or permission, then we have a right to cancel your membership and remove your designs for shop.

Designer will pay for first sample of development. Profit will be split 50-50 but may agree different split due to exceptional circumstances. Payment of sold designs will be released by 2nd of every month.  International designers they have to pay conversion of currency from there end.


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